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Teach for Green is a social enterprise which is working relentlessly to promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment through various activities in the field of training and skill development across entire India.

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Green Energy DIY Workshops


Teach For Green conducts Green Energy Workshop centered around DIY approach to achieve its purpose. These workshops could either be of short duration (3 days- 1 week) or of Long Duration (3-4 weeks), depending on the availability of resources and other necessary constraints.

A brief outline of the workshop involves following agendas:-

  1. Theoretical Session - In this session various concepts related to Sustainable environment, Green Energy and scientific theories related to energy transfer and electrical components are discussed in details.
  2. Practical Demonstration - In this session, practical demonstration of the concepts is shown through familiar practical tools.
  3. Hands On Experience - In this session, the participants themselves design and complete the assigned model related to Green Energy under trainer's supervision and guidance.
  4. Assessment and Open Discussion - In this session, overall understanding of the entire training session is evaluated through an open assessment and subsequent discussion with the participants.

Thus, with the help of Do It Yourself workshops, we aim to develop a sense of entrepreneurship through skill development and encourage the inclination of Future leaders of our nation towards green energy.

Rural Entrepreneurship Development

Teach For Green aims to provide entrepreneurship and skill development training for rural and urban youths, women and Children.

Skills Development

  • Introduction to renewable energy, sustainability and their significance in India's plan to achieve awareness about green energy applications.
  • Fundamental understanding of nature and scientific laws, electric circuits and components, specifications and uses.
  • Understanding and awareness about green energy by small system such as lamp, toy car, mobile charger to provide a solid basis to better grasp instructions for larger grid assembly, repair and maintenance

Local Solar Entrepreneurs

  • Develop to add up a new kind feature in skilled artisan-cum-technicians by getting the knowledge to design, construct and repair solar lamps.
  • Design and develop his own customize solar lamp products for customer and as per market requirements, generating income and sustaining independent livelihoods.

School Support Program

Our School Support Program exhibits what a society values and wants to hand over to its future generations. However, the challenges with curriculums and assessments only begins there. Over & above determining what is taught in schools, standards and content majorly influence the level of engagement of the student and the teacher in the teaching-learning process.

The organization works towards providing Life skill training to students with sensitization towards environmental & climate issues at individual household and community level. Despite leaps of modernization in technology, over 30% of rural households in India still live in darkness. On the other hand, there is a lack of individual personality development, activity based learning, and parent’s engagement in their child's development.


All these factors discourage them from attending school on a regular basis and hence triggering dropouts on a large scale. To fill this gap and tackle the problem, Teach For Green is an initiative that provides essential learning, training and skill development in child life skill development with using activities which help them to understand the importance of learning and find out solutions for grassroots problems which will be sustainable in the long run.

Our key stakeholders for this program includes

  1. School going young minds and students who are lacking their interest on
  2.  The communities which are facing problems on waste management, energy crisis, and health issues
  3. Teachers, who lack teaching qualities, due to insufficient capacity building or interface on understanding
  4. Our fellow young youths who are working for social and environmental change to happen, who are facilitating our program.

Teach For Green focuses on creating over all focus on students and giving them chance to understand reality of environment and green energy scenario to think rationally in this matter.

Youth Innovation Centre

We run stand-alone youth innovation center where children from nearby rural areas and underprivileged classes come. These didn't have any kind of facilities like computer, practical classes, game facilities, music facilities. So at our centers, either after or before school, students come and learn different kind activity based learning which they are not getting in their school and household premises.

We believe, that our path to true scale and impact lies students and their individual development which they are not getting chance in their school campus. In our center they come and learn what they want to learn and they get help and guidance from our teachers, fellows and volunteers which have got proper training on these things.

We have started our first center in Chainpur, Daltonganj a rural block of Palamau district of Jharkhand. Our aim is to spread this kind of center in every block where there is lack of infrastructure and teachers in schools. So it is kind of center which give space to number of students in particular area to learn necessary things.

Teach For Green
Youth Innovation Center
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Green Energy Consultancy

Teach For Green aims to provide consultation and support to individuals, institutions and organizations for various issues pertaining to Solar Energy, Solar Plant set up, Solar smart grid and other Green Energy related problems.

We have an on-field experience of 2 years combined together with intensive theoretical knowledge of our team members from a diverse background. Through this, we aim at creating a society where each individual contributes their efficient bid towards the betterment of environment and society.

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