Saturday, February 17, 2018


Volunteer Form

Ajay Kumar
Founder & Director
Teach For Green believes in incorporating Social Responsibility and thus encourages volunteers from any company or corporation who are interested and motivated for our cause. We also encourage everyone with time or resources on their hands to think about giving something back to the children & community.
We find that volunteers bring in a variety of ideas, skills, and energy to take these programs to the next level. They help spread the word to more people and help the organization do more work within our limited resources. Also, they get to provide themselves an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and learn unexplored things.
The specific tasks that they could be involved in include:
● Fundraising & Resource Mobilization
● Research & Documentation
● Awareness & Advocacy
● Workshop & Training assistance
● Curriculum Development & Creation of teaching aids
● Designing (Graphics & Content)
We expect our volunteers to have an undying commitment and passion for the cause of Teach For Green. Our volunteers should have the creativity and ability to think outside the box and an eagerness and humility to learn as well.


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What We Do

Teach for Green is a social enterprise which is working relentlessly to promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment through various activities in the field of training and skill development across entire India.