India is a country where 70% populations belongs to rural and semi urban population, mostly from villages and small cities where people are still lack access to basic needs as education, electricity, medical facilities, transports facilities. It is mainly seen that education facilities and quality education is lagging in schools. As infrastructure, quality teachers and basic facilities like games, art, music, activities are not available in these schools, due to this proper development of children is lagging. Mainly girls face more problems as many times they are not allowed from family to go schools and even those who are allowed to go schools, dropout from generally from 5th to 8th standard as high schools are situated very far from their homes and parents even don’t feel safe to send their girl to these schools, even some houses girls are start working in their household works and also filed work.so in these situation its really difficult to think that a girl student will aspire to become an engineer, doctor or scientist.

It is also said that girls are mostly interested in music, dance and art and craft, they do not take interest in activities on science and math’s as they feel these are very difficult subject. This view of mine really got changed when I organized green energy workshop in Sardar Patel Gurukul Acadmey , Air force station, BaxiKaTala, Lucknow, in which kids from 6th to 8th class participated for solar lamp making and solar toy car making do it yourself workshop. The most astonishing factor during this workshop was eqaul participations of girls and boys in this activity.

During this workshop I met a girl name Angil who was studying in class 6th. She was very enthusiastic to participate in this activity as soon as i started demonstration about it. She really took interest in whole workshop by asking question such as a how it works, about energy sources, sustainably etc.. It was really fascinating to see her curiosity and vigor at this age as level of technology and science involved in this activity was much ahead of her level.

She designed her own solar led table lamps for studying as the area in which she resides is a rural area and suffers a huge power cut so obviously it becomes difficult to study in kerosene lamp so she want to use this lamp for study purpose. She wants to become a scientist as to find out other affordable lighting solution for people which are suffering due to unavailability of sufficient power. It was really nice meeting with students like her as it gives encouragement and boosts our moral to work in this domain.


The whole environment surrounding us makes us feel that all this development progressiveness has backfired it seems as everything’s around us is poor, bad or catastrophic .The real situation is lone fears everytime he/she goes out of home, meets a stranger, goes to a new place he is in constant fear of what would happen next, even he can’t feel safe in his house. It is mostly created or hyped by our media which focuses only on negative news every time i read n newspaper or watch TV it looks everywhere there is something bad happening. But reality in exactly opposite in my case whenever I visit new place and meet new people, its s kind of really amazing experience for me meeting new people enriching my ideas and thoughts.

Last month I have visited Block Rampachodavaram, East Godavari district Hyderabad for conducting green energy workshop in government schools. The whole area is surrounded by forests and basically whole communities are tribal. This place is situated at bank of Godavari River. There are boys and girls government residential schools where kids study and reside much far from their village homes .As there agriculture is the main source of earning, so these kids help their parents in earning livelihood by getting involved in household works by not going to schools, they didn’t even get chance to study in home due to unavailability of electricity so government have created residential schools where kids ‘lives and attend classes.

This is mid-June so summer vacation is going but kids are stills in their schools as different summer programs are going on like dancing classes, art & craft and activities class which is really astonishing as normally in government schools normal days classes do not happen, but here in vacation kids are learning and even something creative activities.

We organized two days’ workshops in each f the two schools A.H.S boy’s school, Edugrapally and G.T.W.A.H. girl’s school, Vdapalli where kids were involved in solar led lamp making. There generally kids understand Telgu language in general and little bit Hindi and English so for me it was really tough to talk them about basic theories things about green energy but kids were very much curious and fully involved in whole activity and made different kind of lamps.

In evening there was a small gathering in school as every last day on week they perform activities which they learnt. It is started with different kinds of songs which were sung by kids and then they performed on classical dances and it was really very much impressive .the kids who performed where of 6th 7th class. This program continued for two hours and every performance was amazing and different from different from others. This one week workshop, stay and meeting with kids, teachers and principal really enriched and enlightened my thoughts. It gave me pleasure as well as cherished me with a positive thought that our country is changing in right and positive way.


From Last two months, I regularly visit different parts of Kanpur Dehat to understand energy scenario of this district. Jaggupurwa is a one of the village, where solar micro grid is set up. I often visit this village to pilot and monitor working of solar lighting system. As of date there is no grid electricity connection available. In this regular visit I used to interact with people of villages to know more about them and how they view solar energy. In these interactions one day, one girl came forward and told “bhaiya these lights are very helpful for our family & every household.”

Her name is *Asha. She is studying in grade eight in a nearby government school. She is very fascinated to learn new things as she always has questions to ask. she wants to be a teacher to help other children of her village. In discussion, she told how painful life was before these solar lights came along. She said, every evening after sunset darkness consumed the village and every single household. They used kerosene lamp for lighting their house. There is one to two lamps available in their houses as more than that, they can’t afford. They use lamps for cooking , studying and also for lighting the rooms. In her house there is only one kerosene lamp as at 2.5 liters kerosene oil only one lamp for 4 hours for 30 days which they got from PDS shop is the equation. Kerosene is subsidized from rs. 40 otherwise to rs. 10 in the PDS and they can only afford 2.5 litres monthly.

Of these 4 hours each day, 1 is the allocation for studying and rest of the time goes in other household chores. She told, even light of kerosene lamp is very low to study well. She further added that she was never able to complete her daily homework & she faced embarrassment in front of her teacher and class. Her father is an auto driver who needs to go to work early morning and faces equal proportion of issues. There is problem of charging of their phone also as they have to go to other villages where grid electricity is present. This condition goes worse on bad weather …

But after getting solar led in her home things have changed. She said, by solar lighting they got 4 hours lights in evening and one hour in early morning. Now she easily completes her homework and study other books which she likes on that time. The household now has 2 leds and a mobile charging facilitated, a total of 8 hours.

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