Success does not necessarily mean being rich or having a high profile job, a luxurious house and an expensive car. Success cannot be compared to materialistic things because success has only one meaning, which is being content with your life. Success is driven by hard work, determination and perseverance. Here's one such success story that will inspire you to put in your best to achieve what you have set your heart upon.

In June 2017, while we were doing an intensive research study, we found a village named Mehraj, located in Rampura Phul Tehsil of Bathinda district, Punjab with approximately 1297 families residing there. Most of youth in the village were skillful but their time was not being utilised productively. Despite being literate, they had no job opportunities. One of them quoted “Humare pass degree hai lekin koi aisa skill set nahi jisse hame naukri mil paye” translated as “We have a degree but do not have the required skill set to find employment”. The inquisitiveness in youth towards learning and creating new ideas was definitely encouraging. Their eyes were gleaming as though they were about to meet someone who could change their life. This is when we decided to conduct our rural enterpreneurship skill development program on solar equipment design, operation and maintenance training.

Initially, we conducted a mobilization meeting in the village. We were startled to see approximately 150 youth who gathered to know more about environmental entrepreneurship. All of them registered and out of them 30 individuals showed keen interest in participating in the training program. On the day of the training program, they all arrived early in the morning from nearby villages. They were very enthusiastic about the idea of learning new sustainable concepts and coming up with their innovative ideas. The program started at 10 am sharp and we decided to have a brief introduction of all the participants to get a glimpse of their background. The session begun by giving a brief introduction of Teach For Green’s “Rural Entrepreneurship Skill Development program”. In between the session, a 25-year-old man, Maninder Singh caught our attention. He seemed full of passion, determination and persistence. He was a 10th graduate and was working in local electrical repair and maintenance shop. Throughout the session he had questions for us and was eagerly suggesting his own ideas. He not only was curious to pick up new skills but also was benevolent to help others in learning the technical concepts.

“We organized two days’ workshops in each of the two schools A.H.S boy’s school, Edugrapally and G.T.W.A.H. girl’s school, Vdapalli where kids were involved in solar led lamp making.”

Towards the end of the session, Maninder Singh appreciated our founder Ajay Kumar for his simple way of motivating and teaching. We saw the creativity, ingenuity and drive in him as he was interested in setting up his own electric enterprise. We decided to provide him with the required guidance to create the life he wanted for himself, his family and community. For us, he was a seed who could germinate and produce many more such environmental entrepreneurs.

After 3 months he started his own enterprise and is now happily earning Rs. 10,000 per month.

Most people have an inspiration in their life. Our little initiative has inspired him to look at life with different perspective and shine with flying colors.

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