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TEACH FOR GREEN is a social enterprise which is working relentlessly to promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment through various activities in the field of training and skill development across entire India. It aims at creating awareness about green energy and developing entrepreneurship through DIY (Do It Yourself) approach.

Our aim to focus these problems which are burning issues of today need to take attenation.


Still in India, more than 250 million people still living their lives without electricity and more than 400 million people don't have access clean cooking facilities.


Our conventional energy sources are going to end nearly 50-60 years in future, whereas the rate of requirement of energy is going to increase day by day. If we do not find an alternative source, how will we develop further?


It is predicted that earth's average temperature is going to increase every year by 1 degree Celsius. May 2016 was measured as hottest month in this whole era as temperature touched 51 degree Celsius. If this continues, one day life will cease to exist on earth.


To achieve sustainability, rate of generation and utilisation of energy should be same. Green energy sources are such a sustainable source as harvested energy is utilizes within next 12-36 hours and can even save. Germany and Portugal are countries fulfill its energy requirement completely by renewable.

In our innovation, we are not only talking about green energy through comprehensive and interactive modules but also doing circuit designing and associated activities using very simple components. We talk about every important thing and give a chance to a person to learn by themselves and by designing their module using recyclable materials from their household and surrounding. We provide them awareness about prospects of both conventional energy and green energy and enable them to choose the better one. Our organization is working relentlessly to promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment through various activities in the field of training and skill development across  India. We have designed multiple programs, workshops, and modules for both rural and urban communities giving them perspectives on different scenarios regarding Conventional Energy, Green Energy, Waste Management, BioGas, Vermin Compost by hands-on activities. At the end of the program, they have a physical design which they can use in their household. When a person or kid develops something using his creativity and understanding, it gives lots of confidence to him/her.  It also helps us reach out to more people and solve their problems.

Impact on COmmunity

Teach for Green was formed to provide direct & applicable solutions to the energy needs of rural and underprivileged sections of society utilizing the potential of renewable enrgy, at the same time, making them aware and self-sufficient by enriching their knowledge and skill-sets.

The road so far

Teach For Green has conducted various short and long duration workshops in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Andhra Pradesh till date. The growing response to these workshops has been immensely inspiring.

We, through our interactions, have been able to unlock the creative aspects of brains of rural child, allowing him to think for himself and be confident to decide and do what he/she believes in. We have managed to spark curiosity among the community people to ask about the technical aspects that they are unable to grasp thus pushing them slowly to be at par with the national level. There also has been a sense of awareness towards importance of education and skill-development in rural community making them capable of bringing a positive change to their lives and lifestyles.

Nothing gives us much satisfaction than looking at the jovial face of a rural child when he/she proudly declares being capable of assembling and designing solar lamps and other circuits or a rural youth when he is capable of providing electricity to his house as well as to adjoining houses.


  • To design an integrated curriculum of green energy and its sustainability theories with practical skill development in the green technology context.
  • To build sensitizations toward the world’s energy crisis and climate change issues
  • To create a potential in young learners for new social innovations.
  • To provide a secondary source of energy to people (especially students) residing in areas experiencing unavailability of electricity or frequent power cuts
  • To promote environmental protection by means of promoting renewable energy technologies (wind, solar, biomass energy, etc.) and energy savings.
  • To study, organize, promote and enhance knowledge and understanding of the principle and practice of conservation of natural resources among the students and community.
  • To establish and maintain contacts with various departments of State and Union Government, and non-governmental organizations. 
  • Propagate higher education and spread knowledge & awareness in contagious manner

Short term outcomes

  • Increase in self-confidence &  interpersonal skills.
  • Increase in motivation and skills to solve energy issues at local level.
  • Practice of peer to peer learning.
  • Awareness about green energy and its benefits in the energy sector.
  • Increase in interest towards science as a subject.

LONG term outcomes

  • Increase in curiosity about nature.
  • Inculcation of entrepreneurial skills.
  • Relate problems with global scenario.
  • Pursue science subject for further studies.
  • Dealing with household energy shortage



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