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Teach For Green

“Teach For Green”, a Non-Profit organization has been developed. It is an initiative which not only aims to create awareness in the semi-urban and rural classes of communities by conducting “Do It Yourself” (DIY)
Teach For Green
Teach For Green1 week ago
Cleanliness represents another worldwide wellbeing challenge. Sufficient drinking water, sanitation, and cleanliness are on the whole fundamental fixings to guarantee human wellbeing. The equivalent is valid for legitimate wastewater administration, or, in other words essential for natural wellbeing. Enhancing these administrations will convey monetary additions while additionally assembling flexibility given expanding atmosphere fluctuation.
For years, sanitation has posed a great problem for the people on earth. Though people complains about the well-being and good sanitation and cleanliness, still they as responsible citizens don't take up any action to stabilise this situation. People have to understand that until and unless, they don't take up any measure to eradicate these problem, they will stay like this forever.
Below is a poster of sanitation and how Teach for Green have achieved success in sanitation and cleanliness in various parts of the country.
Teach For Green
Teach For Green2 weeks ago
To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy.”
There is an unlimited amount of renewable energy on this planet but that doesn’t mean that people can use it as much as they want and in whatever way they want. Every resource on this planet, whether a renewable resource or non-renewable resource, must be used judiciously. Also, everybody knows that non-renewable resources are very limited and they take millions of years to form and yield good quality resources, so the citizen of this planet must used them very carefully keeping the thought of future generation at the back of their mind! People must switch to greener ways of using the resources available on this planet and also they must keep in mind that THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN, OUR PLANET, IT’S IN OUR HANDS. THAT’S WHY ENERGY MATTERS!!
Teach For Green
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We are looking forward on this.
Teach For Green
Teach For Green added 3 new photos — in Champawat.1 month ago
Smiling faces could be seen in school-going children while working out on a project for sustainable development with one of our members in Uttarakhand.
A step towards achieving our goal of Green School Green Community.
#greenenvironment #greencommunity #greenschool #sustainibility
Teach For Green
Teach For Green is in New Delhi.1 month ago
Aptly quoted by "The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth." We are in many ways accountable to our planet and the reasons for its deteriorating conditions. Our planet is a God's gift to us and we, the "educated-humans" are making its conditions worser day by day. On one hand people are making long queues and taking out protests to stop pollution or global warming and on the other hand, they are investing themselves in activities which add to the rising of the pollution level or any other of such kind which increases the level of toxicity on Earth.
In order to spread awareness among the public, the below-mentioned poster is about how we should install the image of saving our mother-earth in the mind of the children so that they start learning about the importance of the planet that they live in and also to think about its sustainability. And also, one should always remember that whatever is one trying to do, he/she must always start from the scratch!
#greenearth #sustainability #greenschool #greencommunity
Teach For Green
Teach For Green added 2 new photos.2 months ago
The whole climate of the world is changing regularly because of the increasing global warming by the natural means and human activities. All the changes have an enormous impact on the people’s lives and ecosystems. The average global temperature has been raised by 1 degree in the last 30 years. It has been reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that average global temperature may be raised from the existing temperature by 2 to 8.6 degrees F by 2100. The rate in increasing global temperature is due to the increasing emissions of heat-trapping gases called greenhouse gases. There are many reasons for climate change including natural cycles of earth, however the major contributors of the climate change is global warming. Many human activities and technological development in the world are forcing the greenhouse gases to further increase and are getting collected to the atmosphere which in turn makes the earth hot and warm. Other issues of climate change like rising sea level causes flood which gives rise to malaria and other parasites, increasing coastal erosion, destroying people’s homes in coastal states and so many further catastrophes.
Higher temperature causes problems to the existence of life on this planet and many important species of the plants and animals have been endangered. Longer and severe heat waves of the environment cause more heat-related injuries and higher atmospheric temperature increases rate of water evaporation from smaller water bodies. The ever rising temperature has different effects in different regions like in some areas it raise water levels and in some areas it decrease water levels. And worst of all challenges, the freshwater availability is declining all over the world which is a vital resource of life on this planet.

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