Our Green School Green Community Program is a 35-40 week program, where environmental modules based on the NCERT curriculum are taught to students of government schools through Do It Yourself (DIY) approach. The aim is to sensitize students to environmental issues in their community and encourage them to think of unique solutions, thus providing an educational setting for developing congenial relation of an individual with the surrounding.

We, through our interactions, intend to unlock the creativity of rural children, allowing them to think for themselves and be confident to decide and do what they believe in. We want to spark curiosity among the community people to ask about the technical aspects that they are unable to grasp thus pushing them slowly to be at par with the national level. There is a need to develop a sense of awareness towards importance of education and skill-development in rural community making them capable of bringing a positive change to their lives and lifestyles.

When a child is taught this in an activity-based module, where they are learning by involving themselves in designing basic circuits, they tend to bring it back to their homes and apply it to household purposes. This also gives exposure to their parents and society, which in turn reaches a larger audience.

Our key stakeholders for this program includes

“1.  School going young minds and students who are lacking their interest on.

“2.  The communities which are facing problems on waste management, energy crisis, and health issues.

“3.  Teachers, who lack teaching qualities, due to insufficient capacity building or interface on understanding.

“4.  Our fellow young youths who are working for social and environmental change to happen, who are facilitating our program.”

Teach For Green is working to focus mainly on students and giving them chance to understand reality of environment and green energy scenario, and eventually help them facilitate this knowledge to their community.