With the one of the grandest festival of India “Diwali” at our doorsteps, we are also getting closer to the noisy and polluting crackers. These fire crackers not only cause air Pollution but also cause noise Pollution. Crackers are injurious to senior citizens and children’s health. Respiratory problems are on the rise due to increase in pollution due to fire-crackers. The climate also changes during this time and patients of bronchial asthma are more prone to developing infections.
Crackers not only are injurious to humans but also for other beings namely animals and birds. Animals with sensitive ears are troubled by the noise if these crackers and may also loose the hearing ability with continued exposure. These problems are also faced by us and these crackers often lead to temporary or permanent deafness.
  • Effects of crackers on health – Hence it is advised to encourage a cracker free Diwali. here is an eye opener about various adverse effects of crackers on health.
  • Air pollution – Air pollution takes the first position when it comes to the adverse effects of crackers on health. According to articles across the internet, air pollution goes up by 50% during Diwali in India. Air pollution leads to respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and other lung problems. Hence, it is advised to avoid crackers to avert the hazards of air pollution on our health.
  • Smog – The pollution  caused due to crackers also leads to smog (smoke + fog). Smog is not only injurious to health but also causes problems during night driving as it obstructs the view. Smog can occur if there is no wind or rain within 2-3 days after such  occasion. Smog also leads to health problems such as skin burning and lung cancers. Hence, smog is one of the many adverse effect(s) of crackers on health.
  • Global warming – The oxides and dioxides of sulphur and nitrogen are released during the burning of crackers. These are very harmful to human health and also to the environment around us. These gases are also known as the “Green House Gases” which not only aid in the rising temperatures across the globe but also in the depletion of Earth’s protective shield “The Ozone Layer” This might be hazardous to the living beings around us as they will be directly exposed to Sun’s harmful radiations. Hence crackers cause Global warming and Global warming has adverse effects on our health.
  • Noise pollution – Noise pollution is as dangerous as the air pollution. noise pollution is also one of the leading adverse effects of crackers on health. It not only affects the human beings but also the animals around us such as cats and dogs as they have Ears that are more sensitive than the Humans. noise pollution caused by crackers might also lead to temporary or permanent deafness.
  • Injuries & Wounds – Crackers are not only injurious to health but can also cause injuries to the individuals, especially to the children. If crackers are not fired properly they might cause wounds on the parts of body which is exposed  In many cases, children have lost their lives or have lost their eyesight by improper cracker bursting. Hence, it is one of the most adverse effects of crackers.
  • Garbage disposals – After Diwali the main problem coming to our sight is the garbage lying on the roads. This garbage is chemical hazardous (garbage) that is very difficult to dispose off as it might affect the  health of those living nearby these disposal sites. Another adverse effects of crackers on health is that many firecracker factories and industries in India do not impose security measures and make people work in factories without any safety measures. These chemicals get exposed to their skin, eyes, lungs and increase toxic levels in the body.
  • Additional health hazards – Crackers are not only injurious to elderly citizens and children but also to the pregnant women.  Miscarriage is one of the most adverse effects of crackers on health. Other than this, many children are exploited and made to work in firecrackers factories. These children get exposed to harmful chemicals which hinders their growth or even increases toxic levels in their bodies.
  • Fire and loss of lives – During Diwali there are always headlines in the national newspapers that some house/workshop is qutted by fire and many people lost their lives. Hence fire crackers not only injure us but can also kill us. Hence Fire is one of the most adverse effects of crackers on health and our lives . 
Therefore  everyone  must avoid crackers on Diwali or other  occasion as its just equivalent to burning money. One can celebrate Diwali by having a get together with relatives and friends and sharing light and warm moments with them. Avoiding crackers will also protect your loved ones and will bring the family together during such occasions.