Green Energy – A Hope Toward Sustainability

The growing Indian economy places a huge demand on its energy resources. This can be attributed to the increasing GDP, industrialization and urbanization, large population and rising standards of living. Renewable energy or green energy can be seen as a solution for this increasing demand, apart from being an alternative energy source. Majority of the

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Sustainability Is A Balancing Act

“Sustainability and Industrialization are like yin and yang. They must balance each other for our wellbeing” – Silent Spring. In 1970s, public easily understood the environmental crisis. But today, some of the more complex issues have sprouted as a direct result of population growth, urbanization and Industrial globalization. There’s climate change, decline in biodiversity, threat

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Green Energy – Future Prospect

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved” – Richard Rogers Green energy is a term used for the power generating sources which are environment-friendly. Renewable energy is a synonym for green energy. There are two types of energy resources- conventional and non-conventional. 

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Energy Transition in Indian Context

We are living in the era of information technology where everyone is surrounded by appliances and equipment running on electrical energy. With each passing day, owing to the innovations and increasing population; the need for energy is also growing rapidly, and a major section of communities around India are suffering from electricity unavailability. They are

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An effort towards change

I have seen people talk about change. Talk about how an idea at its best can sensitize an entire community. How an Idea if nurtured with proper resources and implementation can drive away the hindrances of development and transcend individuals into much aware and responsible community. How an idea can bring about the supremely desired

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Every child has immeasurable potential

Every Child has an Immeasurable Potential By ABHINAV ANAND I have now become almost a pro at going to school and giving out these activities & hand on learning from Teach For Green. But still every time when I go to school, I prepare about how and what I am going to teach them. Just

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Waste Management & Development

The most certain side-effect of increased industrial development and progress is the production of waste. Areas with high number of factories generate more waste materials than residential areas. After the onset of industrialization, streets of England were drowning in filth and waste due to lack of waste management system. Ergo, it became essential to properly

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My First Teaching Experience

I am an intern with Teach For Green (TFG). TFG under its School Support Program gave me an opportunity to learn a new skill – ‘Teaching’. This was equally made possible by Prerna, Yashi and Nitika, Teach For India fellows with the school. My first day was at Sarvodaya Vidyalaya No1, Mehrauli, Delhi, an all-boys

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