Concrete concrete everywhere,save the environment if you care.
Beware of the deadly mankind, instead use your mind.
After reading the above lines you must be wondering about the word environment. In simple and lucid language, it is the nature in our surroundings which provides for all of our needs. The term environment might seem short or unnecessary to some of us, but the reality lies behind the shades.
It is actually the origin or the birth of our life. In earlier eras, which we have studied numerous times in our life, we saw that people used to worship nature but today, in modern times we see nature and the environment as a resource for life. We have now begun exploiting natural resources in this big commercial realm of our world.
So, what do people think when it comes to the damage caused to nature and the environment?
They simply say that the pollution by various means is the destruction of the environment. But in the eyes of science, their knowledge is incomplete. Thus, in scientific terms, the conditions or activities [including pollution] which cause damage to the environment is the correct answer to the question.
What is pollution? Pollution is the contamination of the environment with substances which harms its natural presence. Pollution is just an aspect or a process which causes damage to the environment, but in itself is a vast topic too. Explaining pollution might not be easy but in general, it is of various types which includes the most concerned air pollution, followed by water, noise, soil and many more.
In the paragraphs which follow, there are some of the major causes of the destruction of the environment and the ways to assess them.
One of the major boons to the mankind is the introduction of automobiles. It may be good for mankind in terms of convenience but it is still a bane to the environment. Taking a look at the stats that automobiles take up more than one-third of the energy resources available, but instead, they don’t compromise in emitting harmful gases which degrade the quality of air and the environment. Many efforts have been made to reduce the effect of the exhaust but still, there is no commitment from the side of the people to stop or reduce its use.
Since fewer trees mean reduced absorption of carbon dioxide, reduction in forest cover and increase in the rate of construction has led to a severe decline in the quality of environment all over the globe. Demolition rubble reduces the agricultural efficiency of the land preventing the percolation of water to the groundwater aquifers. Ash and dust particles from lime kilns and other industries get mixed with the air and choke everything which comes in its way, thereby causing air pollution and leading to mismanagement in the lifestyle of many.
Noise pollution is a hot topic to be dealt here because it has some contradictions too. Long exposures to high sound pressure levels can be a hurdle in the lives of humans themselves and can be quite unpleasant. This is when sound is perceived as Noise. It can create a state of depression, color blindness, loss of night vision, deafness, lack of concentration and many other unwanted effects. Noise tends to be unavoidable and we can only try to reduce it.
Electricity, as we see, is the lifeline of people all over the world. One in today’s life can’t even imagine and wonder of a day without lights or fans, etc. But instead of using it wisely, it’s misuse has become a great issue. It can support as well as uproot lives. It is very hazardous until used with limits and regulations. It is a resource which is generated from natural resources, i.e. coal petroleum, etc. Therefore, we should note and check it’s used and prevent its misuse wherever possible.
Water is another topic for discussion and it will take a while for us to understand the issues around this water world. It is one of the most precious resources, which is a contributor to all forms of life.Wastage of water in any form is insanely crazy and foolish as it would harm humans and all the other organisms. Therefore leaky faucets should be repaired, buckets should be used in place of showers and hose-pipes. Each minor step that we take can lead to major changes.
Concluding the causes I would like to say that-


Impacts of these damage to the environment are very gigantic but the main problems it causes are briefly discussed below.
Degradation of the environment and its impacts are not linear but multi-directional and co-related.
Loss of natural habitat and surroundings can cause stress and irritation in one’s mind. It leads to loss of life and property. Degradation of habitats causes an imbalance in the ecosystems which causes the extinction of species.
It can cause many deadly diseases and can also lead to disasters and calamities like untimely earthquakes and landslides. Floods and drought have become common due to the construction of huge dams over rivers which diverts its watercourse. Mines and underground tunnels have fished out minerals for ages and now there is a scarcity of resources in modern times.
Still, the people are not listening to the demands and opinions of nature and the environment and are still stiff on their wishes.
They must be reckoned about the consequences of their wishes before it is too late and they cause any more harm to mankind.