Green Energy – Future Prospect

“The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved” – Richard Rogers

Green energy is a term used for the power generating sources which are environment-friendly. Renewable energy is a synonym for green energy. There are two types of energy resources- conventional and non-conventional.  Overall, the conventional sources of energy are cheap as compared to the renewable energy but they are going to get extinct shortly. So the generation of energy from the renewable sources has become a hot topic across the world and India too should give more emphasis on this issue.

According to the statistics, India is still dependent more on the conventional sources than on the renewable sources. We the youth of India have the potential and capabilities to bring a change in this system, and the change is very necessary as we have already started suffering from the pollution we are creating. Global warming is one of the primary outcomes of the modern world degradation of the environment. We can see the temperature rise in the month of March itself where it used to be spring this time earlier. Pollution of water bodies has led to an increase in people dying from jaundice and other water-borne communicable diseases. So instead of degrading the environment and ourselves further, we should start thinking and implementing the ideas to curb all these issues.

Well, it’s hard to bring such a vast change in the major cities which have a well-planned grid system, but we can start our initiative from the smaller areas which still do not have any means of electricity. Engineering colleges should have a course on Renewable Energy so that the youth can discover new ideas for the generation of energy from these sources after knowing their benefits. But everything is limited to pen and paper. So the government should start initiatives and give scope to the students who want to build their career in this sector. Implementation of green energy can curb the issues of pollution, and with the help of recycling (like in biomass energy), we can decrease the number of diseases due to various environmental pollution’s too.

So there are multiple benefits of using green energy. Everyone should understand this and start taking immediate steps for the betterment of our society instead of degrading it more.

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