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She designed her own solar led table lamps for studying as the area in which she resides is a rural area and suffers a huge power cut so obviously it becomes difficult to study in kerosene lamp so she want to use this lamp for study purpose. She wants to become a scientist as to find out other affordable lighting solution for people which are suffering due to unavailability of sufficient power. It was really nice meeting with students like her as it gives encouragement and boosts our moral to work in this domain.


The whole environment surrounding us makes us feel that all this development progressiveness has backfired it seems as everything’s around us is poor, bad or catastrophic .The real situation is lone fears everytime he/she goes out of home, meets a stranger, goes to a new place he is in constant fear of what would happen next, even he can’t feel safe in his house. 


From Last two months, I regularly visit different parts of Kanpur Dehat to understand energy scenario of this district. Jaggupurwa is a one of the village, where solar micro grid is set up. I often visit this village to pilot and monitor working of solar lighting system. As of date there is no grid electricity connection available. In this regular visit I used to interact with people of villages to know more about them and how they view solar energy. In these interactions one day, one girl came forward and told “bhaiya these lights are very helpful for our family & every household.”



Enabling individuals & communities to rely completely on Green energy sources, promoting sustainable living practices integrated with values and ethics of caring for nature and the world around us.



Our Mission is to nurture imagination, instil curiosity, incept innovation, and bolster confidence in young minds with the motto of DIY to enhance their leadership potential towards maintaining sustainable relation with the natural environment.

What We Do

Teach for Green is a social enterprise which is working relentlessly to promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment through various activities in the field of training and skill development across entire India.

Green Energy DIY Workshops

We conducts Green Energy DIY Workshop which could either be of short duration (3 days- 1 week) or of Long Duration (3-4 weeks), depending on the availability of resources and other necessary constraints.

Rural Entrepreneurship Development

We aims to provide entrepreneurship and skill development training for rural and urban youths, women and Children.

School Support Program

We provide chance to students to understand reality on environment, green energy scenario as to think rationally in this matter toward one encounters a challenging scenario.

Youth Innovation Centre

We run stand-alone youth innovation centre where children from nearby rural areas and underprivileged classes come. These didn't have any kind of facilities like computer, practical classes, game facilities, music facilities. 

Green Energy Consultancy

We aims to provide consultation and support to individuals, institutions and organisations for various issues pertaining to Solar Energy, Solar Plant set up, Solar smart grid and other Green Energy related problems.

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Join us as Green Ambassador

Together we can change many lives. Come work with us in building a green sustainable future


Erratic supply of electricity, or absolute absence too, caters darkness in their lives both literally and metaphorically. The kerosene lamps used by them are unable to serve the basic purposes, and also adds to the degradation of the environment.

A campaign designed by our team for the upliftment of underprivileged and rural children is underway. Through this initiative, a complete solar kit including a lamp, a fan, and the required lighting equipment will be provided to the children, along with all the necessary information and training for building, repairing, and maintaining the devices. This kit would suffice the energy requirements of the individual as well as that of the family.

The cost of the kit is INR 500/- only. For every donation you make, a rural child will get an opportunity to lighten up their future.

Imagine a child studying in the night under the solar lamp. This is the picture we wish to paint through all the generous contributions made by you. Kindly donate and help us illuminate the path towards a brighter future for these children.

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Sustainability Is A Balancing Act

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